Vulcanising training

Our engineers are all experts in the vulcanising and splicing of conveyor belts. Hot vulcanised, mechanical or even glued splices, our engineers can learn your engineers to splice in a way
recommended by all the big conveyor manufacturers in the world!

We offer a wide range of training, every training is made to suit your needs. Only practical training, or combined with theory, From EP250/2 to ST8000, we can teach you the tricks of the trade,and more important your crew will be more secure, and know the latest technology the next time the will have to do the splicing on their own!

We know it all, untrained personell performing a splice that is not up to specification, fails prematurely and you will have a lot of downtime, and damage to your conveyor system. Let us help your crew getting trained!

Ask one of our Specialists for the specific details! +31646626650